therapyIntegrative Stretch Treatment (IST) is a special system of static stretches and gentle adjustments created to bring the body back to a state of balance and comfort.

IST sessions are typically done on a massage bed or cushioned large floor mat. These private sessions are arranged around your schedule so you can easily attend to other business and have the ease of body to move throughout your productive day. Clients take peace in knowing their care is just a call away.

IST is an excellent form of stress management and is effective at anxiety reduction.

IST helps increase active range of motion and mobility resulting in greater ease and energy.

IST sessions can be done sporadically to help reduce pain and they can also be done on a scheduled basis to keep the body at its peak level of comfort.

IST sessions benefit the athlete’s body and the everyday body. Whether you are an avid golfer, runner or recreational athlete, IST sessions are perfect for you. Golfers have mentioned an improved swing as a result of these sessions, and runners have repeatedly noticed a reduction in hip, hamstring, and lower back pain along with increased agility.

IST sessions are beneficial for retirees and elderly clients as well. They express feeling a greater level of balance and comfort with this specialized care.

IST is perfect for everybody. It is a wonderful way to both restore your body’s balance and learn about how to maintain this balance.

IST has been created for you. Thousands of hours have been devoted to harnessing this technique of delivering the greatest care for you and your loved ones.

When we are well within, we extend wellness throughout.
By enhancing the quality of your life, you improve the lives of those around you.
The ripple effect of wellness is oneness.

Darlene has been doing body work with me for only 2 weeks, and I am already feeling, walking and standing significantly better.

A year after multiple car accidents left me with knee/lower back pain, I decided to get off the couch and into an intense fitness regime. For about a year, I trained hard, and got fit, but I also created a limited range of motion because my muscles, while hard, became very tight and short. I also developed painful sciatica that kept me up at night.

I searched locally for someone to professionally stretch me, and found a place that used a well known commercial stretching program. I went 3 times a week for 2 months and I was not getting more flexible. In fact, I was experiencing intense hip and leg pain from the stretching protocol they used. I then found Darlene and Harmony House Yoga. Using both her knowledge of the body and stretching techniques developed over 20 years in the healing arts, she has improved my back and leg pain in just a few visits. I am sleeping and feeling considerably better in a very short time. I highly recommend Darlene without reservation to anyone needing pain relief/muscle stretching.”

Lynn, Ft. Lauderdale FL