isteIntegrative Stretch Treatment (IST) is a specialized technique that addresses imbalances in the musculoskeletal system and corrects them using proper assessment of where the imbalances exists. Techniques of gentle adjustments and static stretches help to accomplish this goal.

IST facilitates the easing of tight fascia (connective tissue that binds and covers the body). It is released with both superficial and deep stretching that decreases tightness in the muscle fibers to allow the body to resume functional movement patterns and biomechanically efficient posture. This is accomplished by correcting the tension/length relationship of the trunk and extremities to its proper tension/length relationship creating an immediate and noticeable sense of overall ease of body and well-being.

IST deep stretching, myofascial release and musculoskeletal mobilizations have clients reporting a feeling of significant reduction or elimination of tension headaches and migraines as well as decreased back pain. Clients have also experienced decreased compression of pinched nerves resulting in increased active range of motion and energy.

IST promotes proper posture and increased sense of body position affecting one’s overall health and wellness. Proper postural alignment will decrease everyday aches and pain that occur from the stress placed on doing normal activities of daily living.

IST sessions keep professional athletes at peak performance and protect them against physical injury.

IST benefits both people with medical issues and those who just want to feel better resulting in overall wellness.

“Assisted stretching can help increase range of motion, reduce pain and reopen neuromuscular pathways in everyone from world-class athletes to post-surgical patients” – J. Cramer, Professor and Researcher in the UO Health and Exercise Department.