hathaHatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga encompasses all postural yoga practice.
Hatha Yoga translates to sun/moon. Ha meaning “sun” and tha (pronounced ta) meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of the masculine and feminine forces.

The “ha” or sun element has properties of being active, intense or powerful and the “tha” or moon element has properties of being soothing, maternal, cooling.

These forces coexist to bring about the balance of empowerment and humility, or courage and kindness. One allows the other to exist harmoniously, in this practice and in our lives.

So hatha yoga encourages the balancing of the forces of nature within us to experience a state of union, or samadhi.

yogaclassGentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a practice of movement benefiting the beginner or the intermediate practitioner. It is a gentle flow class, kind on the joints and comfortable for the body. In each class we experience a greater focus on the breath, the gentle flow of physical movement, and a deep, peaceful meditation.

This class is a balanced, intuitive blend of gentle and empowered postures as well as meditation that flows in harmony with the specific needs of those in attendance.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Yoga refers to a flowing sequence of asanas (or postures).
The term vinyasa, in Sanskrit, literally translates to “to place in a special order” and refers to breath synchronized movement.
This is a dynamic flow and has a tendency to be more vigorous however all levels are welcome.

Mini Vini Flow

Mini-vini flow class combines vinyasa flow and gentle stretch for a session that will get the heart rate up and increase flexibility. Done in a gentle fashion that all levels can enjoy, this session is slightly slower paced than the typical vinyasa class.
It is the perfect one-hour overhaul to increase strength, bone density, cardiovascular health, coordination, balance, and flexibility.

Core Yoga

This intense and fun practice is intended for the active yogi. You will sweat, smile and glow with this hour practice. Build a better body on the road to enlightenment with this exhilarating practice.

Morning Blend Yoga

Morning Blend Yoga is a combination of several yoga styles merged seamlessly for all levels. The soothing movements are synchronized to the breath in a way that creates the continuity and comfort which is the trademark of this yoga practice. It is the perfect blend of awakening and resting postures that merge the sun/moon nature of our bodies and bring us into alignment with the day.

restoreRestorative Stretch

Restorative Stretch Yoga is the most restful of the physical practices. It is perfect to soothe the overactive body and tight muscles. If you are new to yoga or are reentering your practice after a hiatus, this is the perfect practice for you. Throughout this hour, there is a deepened focus on the breath. The slow, restful movements are beneficial to every body type and a soothing meditation ends each practice.

This is an essential practice for restoring the adrenal system. It balance the nervous system. Restorative Stretch Yoga can be done with or without props. This practice is highly recommended for stress reduction and overall wellness.

Yin/Yang Yoga

A balance of strength and surrender, this class in a combination yoga practice created to elicit the most evenness in your body and being. All levels welcome.yin

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga, derived from the Taoist concepts of Yin/Yang, concentrates on strengthening, lengthening and rehabilitating the body’s connective tissue. In contrast to other yoga disciplines which focus on muscle flexibility and strength, Yin postures put gentle stress on inelastic joints and ligaments and are held for longer periods of time.

Yin is a quiet, meditative practice that is a necessary though often over-looked element of a comprehensive yoga discipline. We encourage everyone from beginner to seasoned yogi to balance their practice with this class.

therapy (1)Integrative Stretch Treatment™

Integrative Stretch Treatment is hands on lengthening and interactive manipulation of the body. Gentle pressure points are addressed as the muscles are stretched deeply, increasing circulation, lymphatic drainage and bringing a sense of levity and comfort to the body.

Much of it can be done with you resting on the floor, or through yoga asana. You will learn proper positioning while alleviating muscular tension. During your Integrative Stretch treatment, specific movements and proper positioning will be explained and taught to advance your traditional yoga practice. Even long term pain can be diminished and recurrent physical tensions can be reduced significantly.

Integrative Stretch Treatment is a wonderful treatment in reducing muscular pain and improving overall ease in the body. People with fibromyalgia, MS, and recurrent migraines have benefited significantly from yoga therapy treatments. It also does wonders for the traditional overworked and overstressed human body.

Integrative Stretch Treatment is amazing for athletes and avid yogis as well as anyone who is currently inactive.

“Assisted stretching can help increase range of motion, reduce pain and reopen neuromuscular pathways in everyone from world-class athletes reikito post-surgical patients” – J. Cramer, Professor and Researcher in the UO Health and Exercise Department.

(Learn more about IST by visiting our Private Sessions Page)