Bring Yourself Back To Light

Red Light Therapy We are thrilled to share that we are now working with a sophisticated, doctor supervised, Advanced Light Therapy Treatment that has proven results for weight loss, skin tightening and advanced cellular healing.  It does so by reducing the body’s inflammation.

Advanced light therapy treatments have had dramatic, proven healing effects on arthritis, chronic neck and back pain, bursitis, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulders, headaches and migraines, jaw problems, neuropathy, post-operative pain, skin disorders, sports injuries and sprains as well as on burn wounds. It also benefits those suffering from emotional sensitivities such as depression and anxiety. While it’s been made popular by the weight loss benefits it produces naturally, the exceptional healing to connective tissue and organs makes it an absolute honor for us to provide you these treatments. It is the most exquisite tool on the market and with no side effects – it is the safest too!

With 4,600 high intensity German-made integrated red and near infrared microchips, we are beaming with excitement to provide you the most powerful therapy possible for your whole body.

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Stand in the light.


Some Before & After Pictures