Here at Harmony House Yoga, we cherish each and every physical path to healing and spiritual path to wholeness. Your breakthroughs are our inspirations. Being a part of this sacred experience has touched us for over a decade and responses from yogis are heartfelt reminders of why we began this journey.

Over the years, we have heard so many stories, received letters, emails and text messages of gratitude. Below are just a few of these wonderful notes from the dedicated practitioners, yogis, and friends of Harmony House Yoga.

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joseheadshotPeace and love! My name is Jose Ruiz, born and raised in Miami, FL. Living currently in Los Angeles California, I am twenty three years old and I am a professional dancer. I’ve been dancing for nine years and it has been a dream come true to do what I love and make a career out of it. I have toured and traveled over seas, been to many countries and shared my love of dance with thousands of people as well as worked on T.V. shows and movies “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Ellen Show” Disney’s “Shake it up” etc.. A big part of what has helped me to get to where I am now is YOGA! I started practicing yoga about three years ago, my friend recommended and brought me to Harmony House Yoga. Ever since I stepped foot into Harmony House my life has never been the same.

With the help of Darlene I’ve learned how to stretch and breathe properly. To take my time and be gentle with myself. To have patience with myself. I have become more limber, less achy, and filled with large amounts of energy and vitality as a result. Now I feel younger than i did before I came to Harmony House. There is a calm and serene feeling about the space there that surrounds you and melts all trivial and worldly problems away leaving you in calm, peaceful, and relaxed state. I’ve yet to experience that in other studios. The combination of the calming space and excellent guidance makes Harmony House Yoga a transformative experience not just physically, but mentally, and spiritually as well.

Darlene shows how to let go and enter a state of tranquility beyond the thoughts of our day to day lives and into a deeper sense of awareness in ourselves while moving through your postures and stretches. What I’ve learned from Darlene is priceless and as a result brought much peace to my life that I take with me as I face any endeavor that comes my way. If you practice yoga or are interested in practicing I highly recommend you come Harmony House Yoga!

Thank You Darlene! and Thank You Harmony House Yoga!!!

Four years ago I suffered a tear in my meniscus and it required surgery. Being a professional dancer, I thought I would never come back the same. I almost debated returning to my profession. I was scared and stressed. A close friend took me Harmony House Yoga and I experienced my first restorative stretch class. It changed my life. The energy in the room was so peaceful and comforting. I knew then that this is what I needed for my knee and my mind. I continued to go for months and my whole body began to open and I became more flexible then I had ever been in my life. Darlene became like a spiritual mentor for me, opening me up to not only yoga practice but meditation and breathe awareness – taking the time out to let go and just be present. Not only at Harmony House Yoga will your body improve, but your energy and spirit. I live in LA now and have been in movies, commercials, and choreographed for Gloria Estefan’s 2011 promo tour Jay Leno, Rosie show, ABC’s the view – and I wouldn’t have done that if I never walked in that studio four years ago. As I write this testimony now, I realized this was the place that restored my body and alleviated my fears to dance again. Thank you, Harmony House Yoga. I’m forever grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

John Boogz, CA

I just last night posted on my Facebook page how thankful I am to have found a great yoga teacher and class that I can actually do – so I am really excited and I already notice improved flexibility in my moves.

Thanks again – I will see you tomorrow morning – love and light to you.

Raquel C., FL

I am thankful for your presence in my life. In times of great confusion and chaos you have been my rock. I am grateful to your love.

A.N., Davie, FL

I was thinking about ALL the things I am grateful for this year and one of them is for having found you. For you are the one that made me love and appreciate all the benefits of Yoga.

Katitza N, Weston, FL

Your emails are blessings to my soul. Everyone I read, lifts my consciousness.To the heavens from where I see and feel the fullness of universal truth and Love. The energy of wonderousness.

Thank you, Bless you,

George A