hhyoga_24Harmony House Yoga was built with the whole family in mind and welcomes students of all levels.

The classes we offer serve all levels of needs, ages, body types, and flexibility levels.

Beginning yoga students are welcomed with open arms, as we provide you with patient, detailed instruction and sensitivity.

We offer a wide range of advanced classes that will challenge experienced yogis.

If you have never tried yoga, you may want to consider a private session to become aware of how to practice in a way that best serves you. Done individually or in conjunction with group classes, your specific needs or limitations will be addressed privately before you join a group. We will meet you at your level within your yoga practice and guide you kindly and appropriately.

We believe yoga can be for everyone. We desire to build a stronger family-oriented community by offering classes for all. We have classes for teenagers, adults, and seniors. Whether you are looking for stress reduction, weight management, or inspiration, our studio welcomes you in a safe and supportive environment. Couples classes are also offered as workshops as a way of enhancing your yoga practice and your partnership.

We make practicing yoga easy, as we are one of the few yoga studios that require no pre-registration when attending group classes.

Call us at 954-410-1985 to book a free consultation to discuss your personal needs.