DarleneDarlene Mars
E-RYT, Certified Master Life Coach, Founder
Harmony House Yoga

YACEP & E-RYT certified

Darlene is the owner/founder of Harmony House Yoga and the creator of the Integrative Stretch Treatment (IST) TM therapeutic bodywork designed for quantum healing. She is a certified Master Life Coach who bridges the seen and unseen world to lovingly awaken and enlighten.

With more than 25 years in the healing arts, her expertise shines through her teaching and touch.

Darlene is a dedicated, intuitive and passionate yoga instructor and coach. Her sensitivity allows for personal, fresh, and vibrant classes; her optimism and levity uplift all who know her. Her dance background informs the harmonious flow in her classes, her teaching experience brings clarity and precision to her communications, and her lifelong dedication to metaphysics provides transformative wisdom.

Her soothing voice and inspirational messages carry the practice well beyond the yoga mat.

A propagator of peace, her messages of oneness come through her weekly Conscious Contact writings that are read around the world. She serves through lectures, interviews, classes, coaching sessions, and healing treatments. She has been a guest yoga instructor at international events and a long time inspirational force.

RYT, Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Certified Warrior 1’s Training, Certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga: Yoga for kids and families teacher training, Certified by Kidding Around Yoga: kids yoga teacher training

Jake is a vibrant, connected, and compassionate yoga instructor. His love for creative movement and his keen sense of rhythm make his Asana practice one to savor. His peaceful, loving disposition warms into the studio and his calm demeanor creates an air of levity and ease.

Certified and experienced in teaching adults and children, Jake shares his dedication, multiple certifications, and an extensive teacher training program from Costa Rica. His enthusiastic teaching encourages willingness and acceptance from his students and has garnered the admiration of all who know him. His footprint is a light one and his teaching style is tremendous. His unconditionally loving spirit leaves an imprint on every class and in every heart.

Alisha PachecoAlisha

Alisha is a certified yoga instructor with an uplifting personality. Her enthusiasm and care for others is evident in her warm and direct teaching style. Her supportive, personal instruction creates a safe, peaceful environment for each person and her lovable nature brings happiness to all.

Her interest in holistic care led Alisha to become a licensed massage therapist. Known for her healing touch and her deeply kind disposition, she offers comfort and levity along with her background in anatomy and alignment. Adept at instructing people of all physical levels, she is balanced and innately grounded.

A generous caregiver, Alisha also volunteers at a senior center.


Michele is a sensitive, thoughtful and devoted yoga instructor. Her awareness and continual spiritual quest allows her to bring openness and warmth to her classes. She teaches from the heart and embodies love and tenderness.

Her empathic nature, connection to the holistic community and maternal spirit make her a natural and deeply compassionate teacher.

She has an innate ability to sense beyond words and know beyond logic. She speaks and teaches from a place of honesty and kindness, always looking out for others. She provides her students a